JUMP Conference 2017

Join Us to Motivate People (JUMP) is the “Motivation and Training Seminar” of IAESTE. JUMP was founded in 1995 in ViennaAustria on the initiative of Martin Klaus, former National Secretary of IAESTE Austria. Martin became co-ordinator of JUMP, later this role was taken over by Adrian Keller from IAESTE Switzerland, and in 2009 by Tomasz (Tomek) Pawliszyn from IAESTE Poland. JUMP is aimed to young members of IAESTE who want to explore more the organisation and meet other members of IAESTE.

Primarily new members of IAESTE meet in a different European city each year during four days in September or October for training sessions and discussion groups. An important component is cultural exchange with corporate tours, cultural events and tours and social events incorporating local cuisine and customs. The theme song for the seminar is Jump (For My Love) by the Pointer Sisters.

Usually 40 – 70 participants take part in the event. Each JUMP is combined of six workshop sessions, led by experienced members, that cover the essence of IAESTE activities:

Introduction to IAESTE, Administration , Company Marketing and Fundraising, Job-Raising, Local Committee Management, Student Marketing and Member-Raising.

Additionally all participants visit various information boots on the topics of summer reception, career fairs, career websites, etc. All together combined with IAESTE related games, international evening, sightseeing trip and company presentation to show that IAESTE is much more than the exchange of job offers. One of the other highlights are motivation speeches by invited guests.

From the 20th – 24th September, join us in Dokkedal for a four day conference where you’ll learn about jobraising, LC structure, marketing. Then you will experience the Danish culture with lots of hygge!


Our Sponsors

MAN Diesel & Turbo

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the World’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbo-machinery for marine and stationary applications. They design two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are manufactured both by MAN Diesel & Turbo and by their licensees. MAN Diesel & Turbo engines can be found in heavy automotive, marine, and even aerospace applications around the globe.

MAN Diesel & Turbo have been strong supporters and long-time employers of IAESTE interns in Denmark. We are very excited to host Poul Knudsgaard, VP and Site Manager in Frederikshavn (Northern Jutland), and Michael Witt, Head of Retrofit Development Low-speed on Friday 22nd September for their company presentation

Nel Hydrogen A/S

Nel Hydrogen is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen
from renewable energy. They serve industries, energy and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology. Since its
foundation in 1927, Nel Hydrogen has a proud history of development and continual improvement of hydrogen plants. Their
hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain from hydrogen production technologies to manufacturing of hydrogen fueling
stations, providing all fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as conventional vehicles today.

We will be joined by our friend and former National Secretary, Claus Due Sinding on Friday evening. Claus will be arriving in style driving one of Nel Hydrogen’s hydrogen-fueled cars to give a presentation on Saturday about Nel Hydrogen’s wonderful work and awesome tech

This year’s edition of JUMP will be held in the Northern part of the Jutland peninsula (Nordjylland), in Dokkedal Centret


Møllesøvej 12,
DK-9280 Storvorde

Phone: +45 98 444 555

Nearest airport: Aalborg, also Gothenburg

Train station: Aalborg St.

Bus: Bus 56 from Aalborg Busterminal to Dokkedal

Car: Large property, parking available

Ferry: Frederikshavn (from Gothenburg)



Getting to Nordjylland

Getting to Aalborg, and by extension Dokkedal, is possible in a number of ways:

The nearest airport is Aalborg Airport, there are some direct flights, but most will route through Copenhagen airport.

Another possibility is to fly into Gothenburg Airport in Sweden and catch either a connecting flight, or the ferry across to Frederikshavn. From the ferry port at Frederikshavn there is a connecting bus to Aalborg (plan early to get the cheapest prices!), or can also take the train between Frederikshavn and Ålborg.

It is also possible to fly into Billund  or Copenhagen and catch a bus (from Billund) or the train (from Copenhagen), but this will take much longer. 

Getting to Dokkedal Centret

From Aalborg Central station:

  1. There are three regular busses a day from Aalborg Central Station to Dokkedal. Tickets will be 50 DKK in cash payable on the bus
  2. It is also possible to take the same bus line to the nearby town of Mou, as this is a more frequent route to the area, and arrange to be picked up by the IAESTE volunteers from there
  3. There will also be three Tele-Taxi mini-busses (7. Persons max.) running between these times and the price will also be 50 kr. per person.
    A JUMP volunteer will wait at the station to collect as many people together as possible and lead you to the venue
  4. Under extreme circumstances, or if planned VERY far in advance (and approved), an IAESTE member can drive you to the venue from either Aalborg Central station or Aalborg airport.

Useful Websites for Transportation

In the first days of September you will be contacted by the Logistics coordinator and she will do her best that all of the participants will be transported by buses to the venue. Be sure to bring 50 kr. in cash with you to pay for the bus. If you arrive on good time, it could be possible to buy the tickets with a credit card from the ticket machines.

The check-in for JUMP will be open from 13:00 on Wednesday 20th September until 20:00. Dinner will be served at 19:30 and the Welcome Ceremony will begin after dinner. At the check-in, you will receive you room number, welcome pack, and name tag. Bedding needs to be ordered and paid in advance. Those who need to borrow/purchase bedding from IAESTE DK will receive this at check-in.



Translation from the Wikipedia article:

Dokkedal (from dokke (= hollow, deepening) + dal (=valley)) is a village in the northeastern Himmerland with 138 inhabitants (2008). Dokkedal is located between Kattegat and Lille Vildmose seven kilometers south of Egense, 11 kilometers east of Kongerslev and 31 kilometers southeast of Aalborg. The village belongs to the municipality of Aalborg and is located in Mou Sogn.

Dokkedal is located right next to the Kattegat. The village is centered along the north-south coastal road, is barely one kilometer long. The properties are primarily located in a row along Kystvej. There are no real residential neighborhoods, but more dispersed detached houses on the south and eastern side of the city. In the hills beyond the Kattegat coast there is a spread of summer houses. There are predominantly smaller farmhouses and smaller detached houses with small proprietors towards the road. Mulbjerg Kro is a little retracted from the road in the northern outskirts of the city.

The city is characterized by through traffic especially in the summer months. There are sidewalks and bicycle paths in both sides of the road, as well as a roadbump on the main road, a regional bus line runs through the city. Dokkedal lies in sheltered shelter for the wind from the Kattegat, as the characteristic Mulbjerge tines up and blocks the sea view throughout the entire village’s spread. To the west of the Mulbjerg Mountains, the landscape stretches flat and the city is bordered to the southwest by the forest and to the north by fields. Mulbjergene, is an incredible natural phenomenon, and the view of land and water is fantastic from the ‘mountains’ top.

In the middle of the village lies Remisen, where the old crafts and machinery related to the former moss farm in Lille Vildmose are held up. In the western part of the village there is a sports center with a “citizen’s house”. Dokkedal Church is also located in the city. Four kilometers west of Dokkedal lies the Lille Vildmosecentret







Registration info

The this round of registrations is now closed!!

We look forward to seeing everyone in Dokkedal next week




JUMP Schedule




  Remember to bring!

  1. Passport (Denmark is both EU and Schengen)
    Visa, if applicable.
  2. Personal travel insurance that covers your entire stay in Denmark
    We cannot allow participants to attend JUMP without adequate insurance.
  3. Cash
    • Denmark is NOT in the Eurozone, we use the Danish Krone, (DKK), which is worth around 7.5 DKK for 1 Euro.
    • There are cash machines at all airports and in many bus terminals, we recommend you exchange cash BEFORE arriving at Dokkedal, as there are no exchange facilities at the venue.
    • While we are trying to reduce costs, it is important to note that taxes in Denmark mean many food and drinks are quite expensive. Also, any and all liquor or specialty foods will need to be purchased in Aalborg.
  4. Bed linens/sleeping bag/blankets/towel
    Pillowcases and duvet covers are NOT provided by the charity center. IAESTE Denmark can provide a limited number of these items, or we can purchase some in Aalborg for a fee to cover the cost (must be paid before 15th September 2017).
  5. Toiletries/Toothbrush/Swimsuit
    Toiletries etc are not provided by the charity center either, you will need to bring your own. Dokkedal sits on the coast facing the Baltic Sea. For the adventurous, we can recommend bringing a swimsuit and an additional towel.
  6. Weather-proof clothing
    September in Denmark, especially Northern Denmark, can get chilly and very windy. Be sure to pack rain/wind-proof clothing, changes of clothes (socks especially) for the four days plus spares, and weather-proof shoes.
  7. Food/drinks for International Evening
    Use of the kitchen to prepare dishes for International Evening is possible if you let us know ahead of time at jump@iaeste.dk. A schedule will need to be organised, and must be kept in order to allow us to accommodate everyone fairly.

The Team

Where to find JUMP

Møllesøvej 12,
DK-9280 Storvorde

Phone: +45 98 444 555

Emergency Tel.: +45 61314496

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or you need some guidance. We will respond as fast as possible.